Research in Progress

“I’m sorry if you are: The risk of apologizing first” (with Valeria Burdea). submitted.  (Manuscript available upon request.)

“’It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message!’: Unpacking the components of revenge” (with Andras Molnar and George Loewenstein). R&R at OBHDP. Available at SSRN:

“The Lesser of Two Evils: Revealing the Choice Set to Signal Good Intentions” (with Andras Molnar). R&R at Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Available at PsyArXiv:

“Why Punishing Bystanders is Psychologically Different than Punishing Transgressors” (with Lauren Kaufmann). R&R at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.  (Manuscript available upon request.)


“‘Making a brag believable: Disclaimers increase the effectiveness of seemingly untrue brags” (with Kristina Wald and Jane Risen)

“Thanks, but no thanks: The taboo of thanking close others in some cultures creates a barrier to expressing gratitude” (with Jiaqi Yu)