Research in Progress

“I’m sorry if you are: The risk of apologizing first” (with Valeria Burdea).  (Manuscript available upon request.)

“‘Making a Boast Believable: Acknowledging a (Perceived) Lack of Credibility is Beneficial” (with Kristina A. Wald and Jane Risen). in prep. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“‘Ignorance can be Trustworthy: The Effect of (Social) Self-Awareness on Trust” (with Kristina A. Wald). in prep. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“‘Thanks, but no thanks’: Gratitude Expression Reveals Relationship Expectations” (with Jiaqi Yu). in prep.

“Reminders Undermine Impressions of Genuine Gratitude” (with Jiabi Wang and Alex Koch). in prep.

“The Lesser of Two Evils: Revealing the Choice Set to Signal Good Intentions” (with Andras Molnar). Available at PsyArXiv:

“Why Punishing Bystanders is Psychologically Different than Punishing Transgressors” (with Lauren Kaufmann).


“The Language of Apologies in Customer Reviews” (with Akshina Banerjee and Linhui Wu)

“The Social Scarcity Effect: When Giving More Is Valued Less” (with Minkwang Jang and Ayelet Fishbach)