Research in Progress

“Reminders Undermine Impressions of Genuine Gratitude” (with Jiabi Wang and Alex Koch). Revise & Resubmit at JPSP. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“The Credibility Dilemma: When a (Perceived) Lack of Credibility Can Make a Boast More Believable” (with Kristina A. Wald and Jane Risen). Revise & Resubmit at OBHDP. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“I’m sorry if you are: The risk of apologizing first and other unique dynamics in resolving two-sided conflicts” (with Valeria Burdea). Under Review. Working paper available at PsyArXiv:

“The Downside of Generosity: When Giving More Undermines Social Connection” (with Minkwang Jang and Ayelet Fishbach). Under review. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“‘Ignorance can be Trustworthy: The Effect of (Social) Self-Awareness on Trust” (with Kristina A. Wald). in prep. (Manuscript available upon request.)

“The Language of Apologies in Customer Reviews” (with Akshina Banerjee and Linhui Wu). Data collection.

“The Lesser of Two Evils: Revealing the Choice Set to Signal Good Intentions” (with Andras Molnar). Available at PsyArXiv: